See your upcoming weekends at a glance

Easily spot empty weekends early on, so you can plan trips or events with frends and family,
and make the most of your weekends

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Your Weekends

This app is all about your weekends :) Big things happen on weekends, so why let yourself be distracted with weekdays in your calendar!

NEW: Friday evenings are special, if you want, you can now include them in your weekends.

No data entry required

Seamlessly displays the events from your existing iOS, Google, Facebook, Meetup or any other calendar you have added to your iOS account.

Long Weekends

Enter your holidays and your vacation days and be prepared with a road trip when that long weekend arrives. (in-app purchase for $0.99).

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Choose Calendars

The app allows you to select or hide each indivual calendar your phone has access to. No need for work calendars to clutter your weekends.

NEW: Kick-start Awesome Weekends

Take action right from within the app, click on any day and add/edit events (since version 2.0) or invite friends with a pre-filled email to kick-start an awesome weekend :)

  • “ Use it all the time to plan my sailing week-ends. Highly recommended ” Paolo S.
  • “ Love having my lovely weekends in a different place than work meetings and boring stuff. Fun UI! ” SandraHrz
  • “ Awesome app!! Very helpful in seeing how my weekends look ” Bob Meyer
  • “ I have always thought calendar apps were missing a dedicated view of just weekends. This app hits in a home run in that regard. ” Berserk Hippo
  • “ Love this app for quick reference of just weekend plans. Simple to set up. Such a time saver. ” Heidi28h
  • “ Simple and to the point. Shows what is in your calenar on weekends better than any other calendar app I have seen. ” Miley Karpathos
  • “ Super useful calendar viewer. Very comfy to use and looks good ” engineer3003
  • “ Great App to just look at Weekend schedules and enable planning them. You don't have to check the many calendars you have and search for a view of Saturdays and Sundays... a great, great app !! ”P. B. from C.